Let’s reboot West Central London on 6 May

Will you vote for a safer, healthier, friendlier London?

The Greater London Authority vote is crucial to the future of West Central London, a constituency covering Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea and Hammersmith & Fulham. As our communities come out of lockdown now is the time to reboot our local leadership.

In the last five years under the incumbent candidate:

1,178 PEOPLE
have been killed or seriously injured while walking or cycling
Yearly driven distance increased by
for walking and cycling were opposed or removed
Air pollution annual levels saw each resident breathe in the equivalent of

A terrible track record - is this good enough for you?

Use your vote for:

Cleaner air
Safer streets
Climate change action

On the 6th May Mayoral Elections you will have 3 votes:

  1. For the mayor
  2. For your local representative in the Greater London Assembly
  3. For the party of your choice

Make your vote count. The incumbent's margin reduced by 15,000 votes in 2016. If we can repeat this, things will change.

2016 election results

We must come together and make our vote count. Do you want to make a difference? Share this with all your friends and vote.

Who will bring the leadership and change we need?

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Rita Begum (Labour)

Overall plan to increase walking and cycling with TfL

Cleaner air with ULEZ and pledge for safer, cleaner streets

Supports safe cycle routes - including on High Street Kensington

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Tony Devenish (Conservative)

Opposed four key safety schemes for walking and cycling in the area

Opposed two Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Contrasts with Central Government policy that will make walking and cycling safer

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Zack Polanski (Green)

Zero carbon transport by 2030

Traffic reduction plan by 2026

Supports safe cycle routes - including on High Street Kensington

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Ted Townsend (Liberal Democrats)

Smart road pricing

Climate Safe Streets pledge

Rewild London with Green roofs and green walks

Who we are?

We are West Central London residents from all 3 boroughs who came together to create this campaign out of concern for our community. We are not affiliated to any political party. Get in touch with us at info@reboot.london